Full Guide To Microbt WhatsMiner M30s
Full Guide To Microbt WhatsMiner M30s

Full Guide To Microbt WhatsMiner M30s

Full Guide To Microbt WhatsMiner M30s

If you’re looking for a profitable miner, the WhatsMiner M30s is an excellent option to consider. Made by Shenzhen-based MicroBT, the M30s is a next-generation flagship ASIC miner that boasts impressive energy efficiency, translating to high profitability. 

The M30s is able to mine top coins like Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as well as other coins like TerraCoin (TRC) and Unbreakable (UNB), to mention a few. 

Highly efficient performance 

 As at the time of its launch, the M30s was rated the mining equipment with the best efficiency among SHA256 ASICs. It is able to mine Bitcoin (BTC) with a maximum hash rate of 88TH/s with a low power consumption of 38 Tera hash per second. The total power consumption for this miner stands at 3344KW, and it is also overclockable. 

With a rating of 72db, the noise level of the M30s is average as most miners have a noise level of 60d: to 80db. Noise level is usually determined by the amount of power consumption and hash rate. 

Next-gen 8nm chip

Under the hood, the operations of the WhatsMiner M30s are managed by the Samsung 8nm chip, which was one of the most power-efficient SoC of 2020. 

Like all other ASICs, overheating can be a major issue, depending on the environment, but the WhatsMiner M30s excels in that department as it delivers a stable temperature. This can be attributed to the superior hardware components used by the manufacturer, including its high-speed fan that boosts heat dissipation, thus prolonging miner life. 

Price and profitability:

The WhatsMiner is available in many retail stores online with prices starting from $2,200. It is much cheaper than building your own rig and has no complicated settings that might make operating it hard for you. 

To determine the profitability of WhatsMiner M30s, it’s vital to take into consideration electricity consumption, which is estimated to be around $9.30 per day. 

Calculation parameters 

  • Power consumption (Watts) = 3344W
  • Electricity Cost (per KWh) = $0.1
  • Coin = Bitcoin 
  • Payback = 316 days 
  • Duration = 4 years 

Estimated power cost 

  • Daily power cost = $8.03
  • Weekly power cost = $56.21
  • Monthly power cost = $249.90
  • Annual power cost = $2,930.95

Estimated revenue W/O cost 

  • Daily revenue = $19.90
  • Weekly revenue = $139.30
  • Monthly revenue = $597.00
  • Annual revenue = $7,263.50

Estimated profit after cost 

  • Daily profit = $11.88
  • Weekly profit = $83.16
  • Monthly profit = $356.40
  • Annual profit = $4,336.20

Note that the above is a calculated estimate, which may or may not varies based on real-time factors. The idea is to provide you with an insight into how profitable the WhatsMiner M30s can be. 



The WhatsMiner M30s rivals the Antiminer S19 in that its mining capacity is the same but with slightly higher efficiency. It is a great piece of mining equipment that causes little to no problems during usage with a low reject rate. Overall, this is a profitable miner that is suitable for home use, and you can even take it with you anywhere you go. 


Post time: Jan-10-2022